Life in Exile

Brian McCoy


March 12, 2023

Chapter 1 of Daniel introduces the entire book, and gives us an upclose look at life in exile for Daniel and his three friends. They were pressured to conform to the babylonians 3 year program of indoctrination – essentially, Nebuchadnezzar wanted these three exceptional Hebrew young men to become Babylonian – heart, mind, body, and soul. But Daniel resolved not to be defiled – he would go along with some of the program, but he would not disobey God’s law regarding foods, and he would not accept food from the King’s table, aligning himself with the King’s purposes and designs at a very personal level. Ultimately, we see that in the midst of exile, God was with Daniel and his friends. He’d never left them. He in fact favored them, and as a result of receiving God’s favor, Daniel and his friends could live distinctive lives that honored God with a perseverence born of faith, courage, comfort and hope – because God gave!

Scripture: Daniel 1:3-21; Col. 3:23-24; John 3:16; Luke 2

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