The Deity and Authority of the Son

Brian McCoy


March 20, 2022

Reality TV is a genre built on delusion. People think they will be the next Adele or Ed Sheeran. And some find that entertaining. But delusional thinking can be dangerous and harmful. What’s happening in Ukraine and Russia is one example. The deadly ending of the Heaven’s Gate Cult in 1997 that led to the mass suicide of 39 people was the result of the delusional thinking and teaching of Marshall Applewhite.

But what if someone claims to be equal with God? What do you do with that person? In John 5:1-29, Jesus makes that claim, and the Jews get it. But He makes three bold declarations that are meant to move all of us to honor Him as the Christ, the Son of God by repentance and faith.

The Son does what only the Father can do v19-22
The Son receives the honor only the Father deserves v23-24
The Son claims the power only the Father has v25-29

Scripture: John 5:1-29; Isaiah 48:11; Daniel 7:9-11, 12-13

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