The Prayer of Jesus

Brian McCoy


May 23, 2021

This passage is a prayer. There are many prayers recorded in the pages of scripture but this one is unique. This is the prayer of Jesus. The Gospels mention Jesus praying fairly often, but don’t often tell us what He was praying. But on this last night of Jesus’ life, He prays…

For Himself – glory! Verses 1-5: for His disciples – to be kept and sanctified! Verses 6-19: for His church – unity.

And while this prayer is unique, and is not mostly about us, through it we can learn to pray like Jesus.

Scriptures: John 17:1-26, 11:41-42, 12:27-28, 5:43; Matthew 26:39, 6:9; Luke 23:34, 23:46, 47; Mark 15:34; Psalm 67:1-4; Ephesians 2:14-18

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