Stand Out Christians

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As followers of Jesus we ought to stand out and shine bright in this generation because of who we are and how we speak. Here are a few questions we should ask ourselves.

Who are we meant to be?
A: We’re the children of God on mission as lights in a dark world. We’re meant to make the invisible God clear to our family, friends and neighbors.

What gets in the way?
A: Grumbling and disputing. Jesus said my words start in my heart. When you grumble you’re saying, “I deserve better.” When you’re questioning you’re saying, “I know better.” Grumbling and questioning reveal a self-centered, restless, anxious, agitated, dissatisfied heart that will eventually infect your words and obscure the light and glory of the Gospel in your life.

How do we stand out and shine bright?
A: Only when you entrust yourself to Jesus will you live and speak in a way that stands out from the crowd and clearly lights the way to Christ for them with the Gospel.

3 More Questions:

  1. Are you born again?
  2. Would the people closest to you say you rarely complain, or do your words betray a heart who’s posture is “I deserve better,” “I know better”? Will you repent and entrust yourself to Jesus fully?
  3. Is there a person in your circle of influence who has asked about or commented on how “positive” you are, how you don’t seem to respond negatively as others? If so, have you clearly pointed them to how Jesus in you has made that difference in your life?