Who We Are Because of Who He Is

As the church of the living God, we don’t take our cues from culture. We don’t look to politics to inform/educate ourselves about truth, marriage, leadership. As the church of the living God, we have His Word and what is more stable, powerful than the Word of God?!?

Let’s look at 1 Timothy 3:8-16 to see what God tells us about the church of the living God.

Scripture: 1 Timothy 3:8-16

Forgiven People = Happy People

Confession is a powerful tool that God has given to us to retool or recalibrate our relationship regarding our thoughts, attitudes and affections so that we’re walking in a right relationship with God and others.

David is writing about an experience that he wants to pass onto God’s people about what happens when sin is concealed, what happens when it is confessed.

Main Takeaway: Confession leads to forgiveness and forgiveness is good for your soul.

Scripture: Psalms 32