Be Devoted to the Bible

Fasting, worship, serving, giving, solitude; you’ll find most of these on a list of “spiritual disciplines.” Others call them “means of grace.” This message is on the second of what […]

Be Devoted to the Church

The early followers of Jesus devoted themselves to the Apostle’s teachings, the fellowship and breaking of bread, and to the prayers. Acts 2:42. They devoted themselves to hearing from God […]

Blessed to Be a Blessing

“No matter how many experts we consult or how much research we do, the ultimate questions of life remain unanswerable unless God speaks. And God has spoken to us, in […]

What’s the Mission of the Church?

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Over the last 20-30 years, churches and individual Christians have plunged into short-term and long-term missions like never before. Thousands have been deployed: digging wells, building schools, caring for orphans, […]

The Dos and Don’ts of a Healthy Ministry

Focus on godliness as the foundation for all of life. Seeking the disciplines of the faith in following God: reading/studying/living out the Word, work diligently at serving the Lord through […]

Lord, Teach Us To Pray!

If we are to call ourselves Christians, then prayer must be a part of our DNA. Scripture: Luke 22:39-46

Being Set Apart By The King

In Matthew 28:16-20, we come to the end of a journey with Jesus – birth, life, death, burial and resurrection. These five verses are called the Great Commission. What does […]

The Great Reversal

The main point of this passage → It’s not that poor people go to heaven while rich people go to hell. The point is that people who live, love and […]

Lost, Found, Joy

Jesus tells a story about a lost sheep and the shepherd who searches for it, and brings it home with joy. He tells a story about a lost coin and […]

Hearing Rightly Is The Key To Life

Jesus often used the power of stories to point those He encountered to a new reality of God’s goodness and grace. That’s because He understood that people connected easily with […]