God’s Wisdom for Finances

As a church, we chose years ago to not be afraid of talking about money. In fact, after studying the gospels we decided that one of our measures would be, […]


When we hear the word “generosity” we first think about a large amount of money. But generosity is not an amount, it’s an attitude. Our path to generosity isn’t more […]


Images indicate ownership. Whether it’s your name on a vacant chair, the picture on your phone’s lock screen, a brand on a horse or a portrait on a coin – […]

Treasuring Jesus Over Treasuring Riches

Contentment is a feeling or showing satisfaction with one’s possessions, status or situation. The word literally means, “self-sufficiency” but not being independent in terms of not needing God; it’s a […]

The Gospel Leads to Eternal Joy

Sound Doctrine is a Christian’s starting point for a life of godliness and contentment. The core of sound doctrine is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sound Doctrine – the Gospel […]

The Great Reversal

The main point of this passage → It’s not that poor people go to heaven while rich people go to hell. The point is that people who live, love and […]