The Glorious King

Isaiah gives hope to God’s people by describing a Glorious King who would usher in a Kingdom that would provide a glorious rest.

Scripture: Isaiah 11:1-10

The Faithfulness of God!

In Genesis 3, we see the first man/woman rebel against God; the temptation to be like God, knowing good and evil, was too much to resist. They wrongly believe God was withholding something from them. Genesis 4 describes what happens in the immediate generations.

Scripture: Genesis 4

The King of the Universe Spoke the World into Existence

Big idea → The King of the universe created the world with His powerful word.

There are only two world views → 1) Naturalism and 2) Theism. Dr. John Lennox of Oxford said, “never was there a more profound challenge to the naturalistic worldview than the words, ‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.’ The majority of scientists today believe that there was a beginning of space/time BUT they don’t believe space/time was a creation by an intelligent designer.” However, the Bible tells us that God, the King of the universe spoke the world into existence.

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-2:3

Who is Jesus?

In Matthew 21:1-27, Jesus begins to disclose who He is, whereas, in the previous almost three years He has concealed it from many, and has not allowed them to prematurely usher Him in as their King.

Here we see Jesus 1) is the King/Messiah, 2) calls for faith and fruit, and 3) has all authority.

Scripture: Matthew 21:1-27; Zechariah 9:9; Psalm 118, Psalm 8

Who We Are and What We Do

The church was God’s idea – and as such it’s not ours to run to the exclusion of His word. The church belongs to Jesus. He established and made it come into being – by His life, death and resurrection, and since Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit came and opened their eyes to Jesus, He’s building the church… one person after another.

Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:1-2

Celebrating the Gospel

One of the truths we see in Paul’s letter to Timothy (1 Timothy) is that the church (3:14-15) is to be a group of people who celebrate what Jesus has done in/through the gospel message (i.e. good news).

Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:12-17

Does Doctrine Really Matter?

Since true spiritual health is only found by living according to biblical teaching, the church needs to understand the importance of right doctrine.

Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:3-11

The Unstoppable Kingdom

What is the Kingdom of God? How do we know the King of this kingdom and what is the nature of this kingdom? In Luke 13:10-21 Jesus shares two truths about the kingdom. The kingdom is far-reaching and deep in its effect. In other words, its extensive and intensive.

Scripture: Luke 13:10-21

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The King’s Invitation

We all understand there is a brevity to life; one day a loved one is here and the next day they’re gone. The situation is familiar with all to us, whether it’s someone close or someone distant. For that reason (and much more) there should be an urgency in our hearts to answer the question, “Where do I stand with God?” Do we know Him? Have we placed our trust in His Son? Are we forgiven? Have we surrendered to the sovereign, loving rule and reign of the King? Listen as Pastor Nate walks through the Bible to answer these questions and more.

Scripture: Luke 14:12-24; Matthew 22:1-14

*There were some issues with the recording of the audio in the video and unfortunately the audio quality is poor. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Kingdom Life

Who is Jesus? In his Gospel, Matthew shows Him to be the One who brings the life of Israel to completion. He brings the Kingdom with Him, and preaches the Good News that Kingdom Life can be experienced both now and forever through repentance and faith in Him. Living this kingdom life is impossible on our own. We are called to be Kingdom people today, and for that we must have…

A new heart
A new perspective, and
A new Master.

Scripture: Matthew 6:19-24