The Promised Servant

700 years before the birth of Jesus, God promised to restore justice to the world and bring healing to the nations. He would do that through His Servant in Isaiah […]

Growing Pains

Acts is an amazing history of how God unleashed the gospel into the world through the church. Yale historian, Kenneth Scott Latourette notes, “Never in so short a time has […]

Deacons: Leading Servants of the Church

The origin story of the deacon comes from Acts 6. Deacons were selected, not based on the present size of the church, but based on the present needs of the […]

Invisible to Visible

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There are two types of people – those who ask “What do I get?” and those who ask “What do I get to do?” Jesus makes the invisible in our heart visible […]

God of the Impossible

The Angel Gabriel delivered a message to the virgin Mary, a young, unmarried girl, Kent Hughes says was “a nobody, from a nothing town in the middle of nowhere.” He […]

Your Tongue — An Instrument of Poison or Life?

Everyone understands the tongue as an instrument of the body that was created to communicate with other people. Everyone also understands the power that the tongue has. Since Jesus, through […]