The Easter Story You Haven’t Heard

Have you seen a commercial with the disclaimer, “These results are not typical”? How does that relate to Easter in Ahwatukee?

Last Sunday, Madonna McCoy (my wife) shared about a family she had invited to our previous church. They were apathetic toward church in general and downright antagonistic toward Baptists! But for some reason they agreed to attend and they put their faith in Jesus that day.

Of course, “these results are not typical”! When we come to faith in Jesus, it’s usually more of a process. That was Judy Pendleton’s story.

Before she was a believer, a work colleague kindly and persistently invited Judy to church many times. When she finally said “yes,” it was the first step that would, over time, bring her to personal faith in Jesus.

Put Madonna and Judy’s stories together and we can learn a few things.

  • First, sometimes even the “least likely” person will say “yes” to our invitation.
  • Second, we shouldn’t underestimate what God may already be doing in a persons’ life.
  • And third, our invited friends or co-workers are often concerned with how they will be perceived or received in a church.

So, just be genuine and show them the love of Jesus in practical ways.

You probably have a story to share. You may not think it’s amazing or anything special but would you believe that God will always find a way to use our stories to grow his kingdom? I’d love to hear your story if you’d like to share. Send me an email.

I hope you’ll pray for a person in your circle of relationships who is not yet a Christian and invite them to share Easter Sunday with you!