Welcome Our New Foothills Members

When you become a member of Foothills Baptist Church you become part of a community of people who are committed to engage people to put Jesus first for the sake of others.

As a member, you can expect others to provide you with encouragement, support, and accountability, and you’ll be expected to share the same with others. As C.S. Lewis put it, “Christ works on us in all sorts of ways. But above all, he works on us through each other. We are carriers of Christ to each other.”

We want to welcome the following people into the life and membership of Foothills!

  • Cody and Kristian Bishop
  • Chad Callahan
  • Simon Lim and Pauline Cheong
  • Chris and Amy Gladdue
  • Bill, Peggy, Ali and Abby Herrin
  • Jesse and Cameron Michael
  • Brad, Marsha and MacKenzie Reed
  • Steve and Beth Shook
  • Steve and Christine Woods

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