What’s the Mission of the Church?

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Over the last 20-30 years, churches and individual Christians have plunged into short-term and long-term missions like never before. Thousands have been deployed: digging wells, building schools, caring for orphans, conducting medical clinics, erecting homes, doing Vacation Bible Schools, serving in the inner-cities or remote, rural villages. Physical suffering, injustice, poverty and refugees are just a few examples of many global problems, and followers of Jesus are rightly motivated to do some good works to address these wrongs and meet these needs in the world.

But, what exactly is the unique mission of the church? In this Great Commission we learn that discipling the nations of the world depends on the obedience of Jesus’ disciples in the church. And so He lays out the mission with 1 core command, 2 great promises, and 3 essential tasks.

Scripture: Matt. 28:16-20