A Model Missionary Church

At it’s best, a model is a pattern of something to be made, a design to be followed. You use a model when you want to sew a dress, construct a freeway, or build a new car. So, before you can put on that first tire, or move any earth, or cut that first length of fabric, you start with a model.

Amazon is loaded with books providing churches and pastors with one model after another for starting or building a church. And there’s some helpful information in some of those books.

But as we look at Acts 11:19-30, and 12:25-13:3, we’re introduced to a model church, the church in Antioch. Why is it a model church? What is it about this early church that makes it a model for us today? What aspects of this church are things we should aspire to imitate at Foothills? What aspects of this church should you look for if you are ever relocated to a new city?

Scripture: Acts 11:19-30, 12:25-13:3