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Mothers of preschoolers

Here at MOPS, we want to do just that – provide you with a tribe of supportive women as you navigate the world of motherhood, faith, and life together. MOPS, which stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, is for moms with one or more children ages birth through kindergarten. Our local MOPS program is part of an international movement to locally connect moms, no matter their personal or faith background, who share this common bond of raising little ones. Whether you are a working, stay-at-home, rural, urban, adoptive, single, or married mom, MOPS is for you.

This journey of motherhood is best traveled with others.

We're better together

Moms of Preschoolers (MOPS)

What is MOPS?

We believe that it’s just as important for moms to grow as it is to take care of our little ones. Therefore, MOPS exists to serve moms from pregnancy through your child’s kindergarten year.

While your children play and learn in the care and safety of our on-site MOPS Kids program, moms meet just down the hall to socialize, hear from speakers, engage in creative activities, have small group discussions, and share a kid-uninterrupted breakfast and coffee break. Our hope is that you walk away refreshed, inspired, connected, and ready to brave the day.


While we do have room for all moms, our provided childcare is limited to specific numbers to be sure that each child receives the individual love and attention that they deserve. Childcare spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis, based on RSVP to each meeting. If a mom is not guaranteed childcare, she will need to make her own arrangements.

Please contact us to find out the current status of your child’s class, as not all levels will have waitlists. Children under 6 months will stay with their mothers in the meetings, children above 6 months of age are not permitted in the large group setting.

MOPS Meetings

The 2021-2022 theme is All for Love. Love is the most powerful force on the planet, and yet the concept almost seems cliché. We tell somebody we love them, and in the same breath we talk about how much we love a new podcast. Perhaps we’ve become so accustomed to the word that we’ve forgotten how revolutionary it is, how God’s love changes everything. It is life-altering, curse-lifting and, as shown in Christ’s resurrection, quite literally death-conquering.

This year we embrace the transformative power of love, to the point where it starts to affect everything we do – the way we talk to our kids, interact with strangers, handle disappointments, celebrate victories, make decisions. When love floods into our lives, it all shifts. It results in less doom-scrolling, more conversation. Less comparison, more community. Less fear, more confidence. More over-the-top displays of compassion. More patience. More life in our souls. This year, love will save us. In fact, it already has, because love’s name is Jesus.

Program Fees

There is a fee for the MOPS Program at Foothills. The cost is $40 per semester. These fees cover the MOPS International Registration fee, as well as childcare for each meeting, paper products, speakers, crafts, gifts, and giveaways. You can pay these dues by semester, or all at the beginning of the year. If you wish to pay the full year up-front, a discounted total of $75 is available from now through our first meeting. If there is ever any question regarding fees, or how your dues are spent, please feel free to speak to the MOPS Coordinators at any time.

We never want financial issues to be a hindrance for any mom that would like to be a part of MOPS. Please contact the MOPS Coordinators to discuss our strictly confidential scholarships and other options available.

For more information regarding our group, including our calendar and other communications, please visit our MOPS International Group Page at or by email at Also, join the conversation on our Facebook page by searching Foothills Baptist Church MOPS.