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God’s Provision for His People

September 5, 2021


Dan Diffey

When God acts, people respond. The nations respond with fear and trembling. God’s people respond with faithful obedience.

In this text, we know that the wilderness generation didn’t obey God. But this new generation is following the Lord, keeping His word. And today, we, as new covenant believers are called to obey as well. The Great Commission tells us to obey and to teach others to obey the commands of Christ.

The obedience required of us as people redeemed and in Christ is to obey from the heart. To have a desire to please Him and live in a way that honors His name in every domain of our lives. He’s looking for more than an external conformity to righteousness, but a people who love to and long to walk in His ways.

And as they hold the Passover, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper today, a declaration of faith that our sins are forgiven and our hearts have been cleansed by the blood of Christ, and that we, as one people, have fellowship together in Him.

Scripture: Joshua 5:1-12; Ezekiel 36; Luke 22:18

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