Proverbs: Wisdom for Life

The Old Testament book of Proverbs isn’t history like Acts, or a letter like Ephesians, or prophetic like Isaiah. It’s “wisdom literature.” It speaks, mostly in short, memorable, often picturesque ways, about how to live life in the real world in a way that’s wise, good, and beneficial. Proverbs is wisdom for life, how to live a life of wisdom in the real world everyday.

We’re preaching in Proverbs because we need wisdom for life. You see, it’s possible to be forgiven and still be foolish.

You can be a Christian, but that won’t make you wise in one step. Wisdom from God is gained over time with the help of the Spirit, knowing, understanding, and applying God’s word in our experiences to shape our thoughts, decisions, emotions, and actions.

Sermons from this Series

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