Better Together Marriage Conference in Ahwatukee

On April 22 & 23 Foothills Baptist Church in Ahwatukee is hosting the Better Together Marriage Conference. Our city is known for its high capacity leaders and achievers and these leaders all understanding how to move from point A to point B in just about anything.

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The Better Together Marriage Conference is an event meant to help equip couples with the same type of plan for marriage growth that those living in Ahwatukee are accustomed to having when it comes to their businesses and achievements.

In this conversation, Pastor Nate Millican of Foothills Baptist Church in Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Arizona and his wife, Lauren, talk about the need for ongoing growth and development of the marriage commitment and how the Better Together Marriage Conference at Foothills Baptist Church is an extension of that investment.

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Gaining a healthy understanding of what God has to say about marriage is the first step to creating a relationship that is full of love, grace and truth – and the Better Together Marriage Conference is an opportunity to step into that understanding.

Like many other locations in the US married couples who know how to grow and develop their individual careers, their children or their financial portfolios have very little plan on how to grow and cultivate a healthy marriage.

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