I Am the Bread of Life

Jesus referred to Himself in John’s gospel eight times by using the phrase, “I Am.” It’s the name God gave Moses on the mountain. Jesus used that same term to refer to Himself, not for covert reasons, but to be clear about His nature. Every time He used that phrase He was declaring His divine nature. And when you hear Jesus refer to Himself by saying; “I Am the Bread of life,” or “I Am the Light of the World,” or “I Am the Door,” or “I Am the Good Shepherd,” or I am the Resurrection and the Life,” or “I Am the Way the Truth and the Life,” or “I Am the True Vine,” He’s helping us understand another dimension of who He is.

In this sermon, we learn that Jesus came to meet our need for eternal life, not by giving us bread, but by being the Bread that was given. We learn that He alone gives us eternal life because He is the Bread of God, He did the will of the Father perfectly, God reveals Him to us, and He gave His life for us.

In the end we must chose – will we walk or will we believe?

Scripture: John 6:25-69; Isaiah 54:13; 2 Corinthians 4:4-6