I Am the True Vine

After the fall, God promised to send an offspring. A blessing. He chose a man, Abram, and promised to make a people, a new nation of him. He did, but Israel failed, over and over. They were not the servant, the “vine” God intended. So God sent His Son, and He would be and do what Israel could not.

Jesus is the True Vine. He is the source of life for all our lives and apart from Him, there’s no real living. As His disciples, we’re called to abide in Him, to take our lives from Him. We’re called to accept the pruning work of our Heavenly Father who is a skilled vinedresser, and whose painful, cutting work results in more fruit from our lives. In the end, as God does His work and we trust Him, He gets the glory and we get the joy – fullness of Joy!

Scripture: John 15:1-17; Isaiah 27:6; John 13