Make Disciples – Teach Them

How do people come to faith in Christ? How do Christians grow in Christ? One thing is central to both – the scriptures. Apart from the scriptures, apart from teaching the Word, disciples cannot be made, and teaching them cannot happen. This text shows us that Paul, Aquilla and Priscilla, and Apollos all rely on […]

Scattered with the Gospel for the Joy of the City

At this point in Acts, the church has experienced significant growth. Thousands of people have come to faith. At the same time, the Apostles have faced significant trouble: arrests, imprisonment, questioned before the authorities, threatened, and beaten. Chapters 6-8 begin a transition of people and places. The ministry of the gospel begins to spread through […]

The Essential Nature of Baptism

One hazard that we share as believers is that repetition can create inattention. We become so familiar with something that it loses its meaning. There are no biblical truths that we can afford to overlook. That is particularly true when it comes to worship. Chaucer once wrote that “Familiarity breeds contempt.” Having extensive knowledge of […]

Belief in God’s Promises Calls for a Demonstration

In Genesis 17, we see God give the sign of circumcision to Abraham to indicate His belief in the promises of God. Despite Abraham and Sarah’s age, God was going to bless them with a child and He was going to make Abraham a “father of a multitude of nations.” But what is a Christian […]