Love It or List It?

God chooses us, and His faithful love amidst our unfaithful idolatry enables us to make a break with our past and surrender our whole self to Him.

Scripture: Joshua 24:1-31

A Valiant Journey to Abolish Idolatry and Institute Proper Worship of God

The story of King Josiah abolishing idolatry and instituting proper worship of the One True God throughout Judah is a shadow of King Jesus abolishing idolatry and instituting proper worship of the One True God in the hearts of God’s people. God’s people ought to imitate this biblical pattern in the day-to-day living of their home, as they seek to remove idolatry and make time for worshipping the One True God as a family.

Scripture: 2 Kings 22-23

Making Known the Unknown God

Maybe your neighbor has this bumper sticker, “Coexist.” That was Athens when the Apostle Paul entered it on his second missionary journey. Athens was like a college town. Philosophy, art, politics, education, commerce, and religion were all part of the experience in the heart of the city, the marketplace.

As we look into this passage, we see Paul present Christ in the marketplace and learn what that might look like for us.

Scripture: Acts 17:16-34

The Prophet Elijah

The most significant problem of both the Old and New Testaments is idolatry. And for that matter, the greatest problem that we face is also idolatry.

Elijah was a man called by God to confront idolatry in the most convincing way. It is a story like none other. But Elijah shows us that even God’s choicest servants can suffer from profound weakness.

Elijah confronted Israel’s idolatry and those who propagated it. He won the most unimaginable victory and drew the hearts of God’s people back to Him. However, he then wandered into the wilderness and suffered greatly with depression and wanted to give up.

His life shows us the reality of life in God’s service.

Scripture: 1 Kings 18