The Power of Jesus

If what the Gospels report about Jesus is the stuff of legend, then believe what you want. But if the Gospels are eyewitness reports about the life of Jesus, if they are history, then you have to deal with who Jesus is, that He is Lord of All.

One of the most difficult things for us to understand or believe is that Jesus can love us and still allow and even order disruptive events, seasons, storms for our lives. And if we don’t come to trust Him in the storm, we will be at the mercy of the storm, and in this world, it’s always storming.

So, who is Jesus and what kind of power does he have? The power of Jesus is historical, limitless, disruptive, and costly.

Scripture: Mark 5:35-41; Psalm 89:8-9; Jonah 1; Romans 5:8

The Sovereign God

Who is God? There are many ways to describe Him. The entire Bible tries in one way or the other to explain at least part of who He is.

God is sovereign, but there is something that drives His rule over the universe. God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and present everywhere but there is an attribute that governs each of these abilities.

What is this primary characteristic of God? He is holy, absolute holiness. This purity of character and intense sinlessness is the crux of His being.

Because God is holy, it means that we can trust Him, He will never do wrong. Because God is holy, our relationship with Him rests on the most secure of foundations. In this sermon, we will be challenged to seek His holiness and to seek to live as He is.

Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-8

Who Is Jesus?

Jesus himself asked his disciples. People across the world wrestle with this question today. C.S. Lewis declared there were only three possible options – Lord, Liar or Lunatic. Who do you say Jesus is? What does that mean for your life every day, what does that mean for the mission of the church in the world? Who is Jesus?

Scripture: Luke 9:18-22


An Important Conversation and Reminder

Actions speak louder than words don’t they? Jesus is asked the question, “are you the One we’ve been waiting for?” They wanted to know if He was indeed the Rescuer/Delivered that the Old Testament spoke about.

Jesus’ response is: look at what I’ve done.

Scripture: Luke 7:18-35

Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

Who was Jesus or what was He really like?

Jesus is presented in an assortment of ways: a healer, a sage/wise person, an advocate for social justice, a progressive, a liberal, a conservative, a mystic, a prophet, a teacher, a fanatical Jew, a fake/phony, a philosopher.

Let’s investigate and discover who the real Jesus is as we walk through The Gospel According to the Luke.

Scripture: Luke 1: 1-4


Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Our confidence, trust and hope should be in the person of Jesus not what we bring to the table (i.e. our spiritual resumes). The Apostle Paul had an impressive resume but eventually came to a point where he realized he needed to trust and rest solely in Jesus not in his performance.

What are you trusting in? What are you resting in? Where is your hope?

Scripture: Philippians 3:1-11