The King David

David was the king of Israel. There were only three men who could make that claim and none greater than David. Among his accomplishments was the establishment of the City of Jerusalem and make it the capital of the country.

Sixty-six chapters of the Bible are devoted to him, more than any other Bible character. He is also mentioned in the New Testament more than 59 times! That shows us how important he is to us.

David was a prolific writer, musician, warrior, king, and “a man after God’s own heart.” While he did well in many areas of life, he did fail in others. He had an affair that led to the death of the woman’s husband. He appears to not have been a particularly good parent. One son tried to usurp his throne, another raped his sister, and another committed murder.

David has many truths to teach us about the way God works behind the scenes in our lives to prepare us for what He wants. In many ways, David’s life is a model for us. He was humble, reverent, faithful, obedient, and repentant. Those are amazing qualities which we all should desire.

David also teaches us from the negative aspects of his life. For example, he shows us the dangers of boredom, how none of us should believe that we are immune from sexual temptation. Finally, David shows us the heartbreaks that can come with parenting.


Scripture: 1 Samuel 8:6-8, 13:14, 16:1; Acts 13:22; 1 Kings 2:9-10