Covid- 19 Update for August 4

Dear Foothills Family, Schools are open, and we know that many of you were looking forward to this season! Unfortunately, at the same time, the numbers for the Delta variant […]

COVID-19 Update for May 18

Dear Foothills Family, This past Sunday, our Elder Team met and among other items, we reviewed our COVID posture. We have decided to no longer ask anyone to wear a […]

COVID-19 Update for March 25

Dear Church Family, During this season when we consider our Lord’s gracious sacrifice for our sins and victorious resurrection from the dead, we hope you take time to meditate on […]

COVID-19 Update for January 28

Dear Church Family, During our last Elder Team meeting, among many other things, we considered what adjustments we should make to our reopening stance. We are aware of the spread […]

COVID-19 Update For July 20

Beloved, COVID-19 is putting increased pressure on our city and state. Yesterday we had our highest number of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths for one day. Our Governor also issued […]

COVID-19 Update For July 16

Lots of you have questions about what’s next for Foothills. We will update the congregation every two weeks. Here’s where we stand today. Sunday Worship Services will continue to be […]

COVID-19 Update For June 4

We are excited about beginning to gather again for worship on Sunday, June 7. As we plan to reopen, we are committed to opening safely, strategically and spiritually. You may […]

COVID-19 Update for May 8

Dear Foothills Church Family, “Beloved “we” pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.” 1 John 2 This is a […]

COVID-19 Update for March 31

Dear Foothills Church Family, Grace and peace to all of you. It’s time to update our posture regarding the national and international crisis around the COVID-19 virus. As of March […]

COVID-19 Update for March 17

Hello Foothills Family, We are living in the midst of a global healthcare crisis that is impacting all of our lives. People feel anxious, confused and fearful, and some are […]