The Work and Power of Jesus

We were privileged to hear from our own Pastor Nate Millican as he continues the Genesis series. This is his last sermon at Foothills. Pastor Nate talked about The Work […]

Abraham and the Sacrifice of Isaac

Thankfully, God didn’t ask Abraham to go through with the sacrifice, but one dark Friday God would provide, and just as Abraham walked up that hill with his son, his […]

Judgment and Deliverance Part 2

What we look at, we will become and what we want, we will often get. In this sermon, Pastor Nate walks through the reason for God’s judgment on Sodom and […]

Judgment and Deliverance

Failure to obey God’s ways of justice and righteousness can result in judgment. We see this truth in Genesis 19 where God, in His holiness justice, destroys a city on […]

A Conversation With God

In this passage, we see that a failure to keep the way of justice and righteousness can bring about judgment. We also see a pretty remarkable interaction between Abraham and […]

The God of the Impossible!

We live in a world of broken promises. At times we’re the ones who haven’t come through on what we committed to and other times we’re on the receiving end. […]

God’s Covenant with Abram

How do I live when there’s a gap between the promise of God and its fulfillment? How do we respond when our experience doesn’t sync up with God’s promises? The […]