Privilege to Speak

God wants us to grow in our knowledge and insight of who He is. That knowledge is always meant to be transferred to application in our everyday life. One such […]

Your Tongue — An Instrument of Poison or Life?

Everyone understands the tongue as an instrument of the body that was created to communicate with other people. Everyone also understands the power that the tongue has. Since Jesus, through […]

Life In Community

Communities centered on the gospel are God’s plan A to help people discover identity and worth. These types of communities bring hope to a lonely and isolated society. I am […]

Parenting from the Word

Moses tells the nation of Israel that they are to fear the Lord, which means that they are to be controlled by a healthy respect for God and a love […]

Being Rooted In The Local Church

In Ephesians 4 Paul is laying out the Christian manual if you will, on how to live our lives as followers of Jesus which necessarily means we’ll find ourselves involved […]

Reminder: This Is Who We Are

We’re called to love Jesus with all of our heart, soul and mind. This is a love that recognizes and chooses to follow something which is righteous, noble, and true […]