Membership in the Church

The idea of church membership is fading. Many churches are doing away with it altogether. Many people see it as nothing more than a bureaucratic tool for keeping track of […]

Worship in the Church

Worship is the proper response we to make to God as He comes to us clothed in His promises throughout the biblical narrative and covenantal promises, all of which culminate […]

The Lord’s Supper

Jesus told us to be sure we included two “ordinances.” An ordinance is simply something that Jesus ordered His Church to do, on an ongoing basis, as central acts of […]

The Essential Nature of Baptism

One hazard that we share as believers is that repetition can create inattention. We become so familiar with something that it loses its meaning. There are no biblical truths that […]

Deacons: Leading Servants of the Church

The origin story of the deacon comes from Acts 6. Deacons were selected, not based on the present size of the church, but based on the present needs of the […]

Elders and the Church

This message was preached for the Installation of our first Elder Team. The Elders are responsible to shepherd the flock of God. How are they to do this? They must […]

Church Essentials

The New Testament says a lot about the church. Why? What makes it so important? God has given the church a central and crucial part to play in the health […]