Missions – The Work of the Spirit, Part 2

Today, “missions” has become any work a local church does outside of its community to improve the lives of people living in other places. But in Acts 13-14, the clear […]

Missions – The Work of the Spirit, Part 1

When a Christian shares the gospel with someone, we typically call that “evangelism.” People who are not Christians typically call that “proselytizing,” and it usually has a negative connotation. Christian […]

A Model Missionary Church

At it’s best, a model is a pattern of something to be made, a design to be followed. You use a model when you want to sew a dress, construct […]

Spirit-Empowered Witnesses

Acts is the story of the Gospel unleashed by the power of the Holy Spirit, through the people of God to the world. And Jesus teaches us that He means […]

The Call To Make Him Known

These were Jesus’ final words. It has been 2000 years and Jesus has not during that time planted his feet on earth and audibly addressed his followers. Jesus laid down […]