I Am the Door

Jesus calls people sheep. Like sheep, we are creatures with vulnerabilities who need to be protected and provided for. Jesus says He is the door to the sheep pen. He […]

The Beginning of Wisdom

We’re faced with choices everyday. We need God’s wisdom to make good choices because bad choices will blow up on us. But there’s a tension. We’re all born wise in […]

Don’t Trust In Yourself

Prayer is a window into our soul → prayer lays bare the human heart and Jesus time-and-time-again tells us He’s concerned with the heart. This parable tells us many things […]

Don’t Take the Best Seat in the House

Jesus heals a man whose physical ailment is symptomatic of the religious leader’s spiritual ailment and he does so to confront the thinking the religious leader’s had regarding who God’s […]

Unity Through Humility

Humility, as demonstrated by Jesus, is the choice to forgo status and withhold power for the good of others. The path to unity for any church or relationship is through […]

What Does Your Citizenship Look Like?

What do Christians living in 1st century Philippi and Christians living in the 21st century have in common? Both belong to increasingly marginalized minorities in countries where the culture espouses […]

Have This Type of Attitude

Ahwatukee Church, the Book of 1 Peter

Two people who are concerned for you: God and Satan → very clearly seen in 1 Peter 5:6-11. One thing I want you to internalize from this sermon is that […]

Roles and Relationships in the Church

Ahwatukee Church, the Book of 1 Peter

The way we relate to each other in the church, Pastors and members, younger or older, hinges on our relationship with Jesus. So, whatever role God’s given you in the […]