I Share Jesus

Brian McCoy


January 16, 2022

We begin with 2 assumptions: First, we really want people to hear the gospel because we are convinced that the only way for someone to go from death to life is to hear and believe the gospel. Second, we understand that not everyone is interested in hearing the gospel, so it’s not easy to talk about it. So how do we share the gospel when it can be difficult and discouraging.

Paul explained how in this text:

Receive “this ministry” and stay at it by God’s mercy. Wake up every day and remember God’s mercy for you.

Share Jesus openly. Live and witness with integrity; don’t diminish the gospel by trying to embellish it.
Don’t be surprised by unbelief. Ask God to give you compassion for those who are blinded to the gospel – the way we used to be…and…
Proclaim Jesus and trust God to open eyes.

There are two reasons people come to believe the gospel: first, if anyone is going to become a Christian, it’s because they hear the gospel. Second, if anyone is going to become a Christian, it’s because God intervenes and opens their eyes.

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:1-6, 16, 3:6, 12-18

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