Daniel in the Lions Den

Brian McCoy


April 30, 2023

Chapter by chapter, the book of Daniel is about a clash of kingdoms; the kingdom of men and the kingdom of God. In Daniel 6 we see the kingdom of death, which is powerless to do anything except sentence you to death, and the kingdom of life, where we see the miraculous power of God at work to bring life out of death. In Daniel 6 we see Daniel living in the material, fallen, Genesis 3 world and prospering, living for the welfare of the city as directed by God’s prophet, Jeremiah. But then we see the hostile world, the manifestation of the kingdom of death, the spiritual forces of evil at work in the material world, attack Daniel, and try to put him to death. We’re challenged by the example of Daniel’s choice, and encouraged by the foretaste of the coming, eternal, kingdom of life, as we see that Jesus is the True and Better Daniel.

Scripture: Daniel 6; Jer. 29:4-11; Isaiah 11:6-9

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